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Spinning Babies® Workshop v angličtině s Nikki Zerfas

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Date: 7th-8th January 2023, Prague

This workshop will be taught in English with an interpreter.

Address of Venue: Centrum Loreto, Štorchova 1555/5, 180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň

Spinning Babies® begins with fetal rotation to reveal the lesser known physiology of birth anatomy. Your passion; our approach. Start seeing solutions in labor progress with this new lens on childbirth. After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Facilitate comfort in pregnancy and ease in childbirth for your clients
  • Improve fetal position without manipulation of the fetus
  • Identify issues faster
  • Take gentle action to shorten a long labor or avoid a cesarean
  • Use less (or no) force to resolve malposition and labor dystocia

Spinning Babies® Three Principles. Three Balances, and Pelvic Levels Solutions offers the world’s first complete system of birth preparation and labor ease concepts using baby’s position. Physiological techniques change the effective size of the pelvis through the body’s own innate capacity to resolve or prevent labor dystocia.

Who may attend: We welcome all professionals who serve people in their pregnancy and birth.  Ideal for: midwives, nurses, nurse practitioners, family practice doctors, doulas and childbirth educators. Also attended by obstetricians, physiotherapists, prenatal yoga instructors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, perinatal case managers, and community health workers. It is recommended for people new to Spinning Babies®️, as well as those reading the website for years.

Hosted by: Alena Šuntilová,

Details: All payments will be made in US Dollars.

Dress comfortably as we will be moving around and practicing techniques with each other.

Snacks, coffee, and tea will be provided. We will take a 60-minute lunch break. Bring a lunch or go out with new friends.

Please contact us if you are able to supply a massage table for the workshop.

Cancellation Policy: If you will miss this workshop due to attending a birth, you must notify the organizer before the workshop begins. Refunds will not be granted without prior notification. We are unable to refund Eventbrite fees in the case of cancellation. If you need to cancel for other reasons, please contact the organizer through Eventbrite.

Participants are responsible for their own travel, accommodations, and related expenses and Spinning Babies® is unable to refund these expenses.

Nikki Zerfas, RNC-EFM, IBCLC, SpBAP, Spinning Babies®️ Approved Trainer: Nikki Zerfas is an experienced obstetric nurse, specialized in Labor & Birth (including high risk and complex pregnancies), and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Nikki teaches Spinning Babies Workshops in North America and Europe. She currently works at the University of Washington Hospital in Seattle. She is especially interested in supporting physiological birth in complex medical situations. She enjoys bringing birth workers of all disciplines together in the goal of improving the care and outcomes of new families.

See for more information on Spinning Babies®.

Terms of Use: This workshop does not provide a certification in Spinning Babies® only a document of attendance. Participants will not be able to use the name Spinning Babies® to describe their services, such as offering Spinning Babies®, sessions, or saying “trained in Spinning Babies” after registering for or attending this workshop. Participants may use concepts and techniques introduced in the workshop in the participant’s practices. Further training is available for eligible participants which does lead towards a contractual relationship for listing or certification and use of Spinning Babies® brand and name.

Více informací zde. More information here.

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