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Sdílíme pozvání na webinář GynZone v angličtině o hojení porodních poranění

Healing of birth lacerations and early secondary repair

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Webinářem bude provázet porodní asistentka PhD Sara Kindberg.

Uskuteční se 31. srpna 2021 v 18:00 centrálního evropského času a je zdarma. Délka trvání je 1 hodina.

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Webinar is about healing and assessment of primary perineal repair outcomes, and early secondary perineal repair within the first weeks postpartum.
95% of all first-time mothers require surgical repair of trauma to the vulva, vagina, perineal tissue, or muscles in the pelvic floor.
All women giving birth at Aarhus University Hospital are offered a postnatal screening of the outcome of their perineal repair.
This screening is carried out during a routine visit 2-3 days after birth along with a neonatal hearing test and breastfeeding support.
– How to evaluate the primary diagnosis and repair
– Cases of infection and suture breakdown
– Experience on how to give feedback to midwives and doctors about their repairs
– New parents: what do they think about screening for surgical outcomes / checking the stitches?
– Our experiences with early secondary repair since 2013 featuring more than 300 cases

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